24-27th February, 2022 : three Xenakis concerts in Japan by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

Three concerts in Tokyo where the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra will play. Three days, three different places in the city but the same œuvre of Xenakis : “Keqrops“- Κεqροψ (Κέκρωψ) for piano and orchestra (1986).

Conductor: Michiyoshi Inoue
Piano: Hiroaki Ooi

The music of Edward Elgar et Shostakovich will be played as well.

  • 24th, February : at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall – details and tickets here.
  • 25th, February : at Suntory Hall – details and tickets here.
  • 27th, February : at Bunkamura Orchard Hall – details and tickets here.
Tokyo Opera City Concert-Hall