Past events

December 2021

11-12: Philharmonie de Paris; week-end dedicated to the Greek revolution (1821): Tetras and works by Greek composers.

February 2022

8 : Opening of the great exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris “Révolutions Xenakis”.

The exhibition, which is intended for a wide audience and not only for specialists in contemporary music, aims to put Xenakis’ production into perspective, in his personal history as well as in his visual, literary and musical culture. It also wishes to place the composer in his time and to give an account of the political and cultural movements that have helped define him.

  • 20 musical and architectural opuses, sound installations
  • Numerous original and archival documents: photographs, models, scores and personal documents…

Curators of the exhibition: Mâkhi Xenakis & Thierry Maniguet
Scenography of the exhibition: Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Exhibition from February 8, 2022 to July 10, 2022.
Tickets here.

24-25 & 27 : Three concerts in Tokyo where the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra will play. Three days, three different places in the city but the same œuvre of Xenakis : “Keqrops“- Κεqροψ (Κέκρωψ) for piano and orchestra (1986).
The music of Edward Elgar et Shostakovich will be played as well.

Conductor: Michiyoshi Inoue
Piano: Hiroaki Ooi

March 2022

16-20: Philharmonie de Paris; Xenakis festival

  • 17: Stefanos Thomopoulos recital: Herma, Evryali, Mists and Debussy
  • 18: Ensemble InterContemporain and CNSMP orchestra: Nomos gamma, Terretektorh
  • 19: Gmeeoorh, Nuits
  • 19: Percussions de Strasbourg: Persephassa, Pléïades

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16-20: Amis de Xenakis, Université Paris 8, CNSMP, CRR 93. Symposium on Performing Xenakis

26: Antikhthon by Xenakis and Bach played at the Orchestre National de Lyon on March 26, 2022
Conductor: Pierre-André Valade
Piano : Vanessa Benelli-Mosell
Orchestra : Orchestre National de Lyon

Tickets and information to get here.

April 2022

Ist : Orient-Occident played in acousmatic in The Hague

All concerts will start at 19:30 sharp, doors open at 19:15. Spuiplein 150
2511 DG The Hague

Entrance and a drink during the intermission are free.

8-9-10 : Concert in Hamburg : Postbank Percussion Project

Persephassa, Psappha, Rebond A und B

Music: Prof. Cornelia Monske – University for Music and Theatr
Installation: Prof. Lothar Eckhardt, Tina Bremer, Sylvia Soggia – HafenCity University
Dance: THE CURRENT DANCE COLLECTIVE et Erika Klütz School for Theatr Dance and Dance
Education Head : Suse Tietjen

April 8th | 7 pm
April 9th | 7 pm
April 10th | 6 pm
Tickets and informations.

12 : Concert at Bâle/Basel, Hochschule für Musik FHNW, Grosser Saal der Musik-Akademie Basel at 8pm.

Xenakis : viele Schlagzeugklänge zu seinem hundertsten Geburtstag
Repertoire: Persephassa (1969), Pléïades (1978), Okho (1989), Zythos (1997)
Concept and direction: Christian Dierstein and Ronan Gil de Morais
Students of Hochschule für Musik FHNW
Trombone: Adrián Albaladejo Díaz

19 : Concert at Université de Paris 8, room X at 7am :
Xenakis œuvres:
Iannis Xenakis : Pour la Paix (for narrators, chorus and UPIC tape)
Voyage absolu des Unari vers Andromède (UPIC tape)
Nuits (12 voices a cappella)
Dmaathen (oboes and percussion)
Paille in the wind (cello and piano)

Vocal Group Soli Tutti, Direction Denis Gautheyrie
Spatialisation Paul Goutmann
Students of University de Paris 8

May 2022

6 : Maison de la Radio : Philharmonic Orchestra Philharmonique Radio France. Piano : Nicolas Hodges, piano. Direction : Pascal Rophé.  Kekrops/ Nekuïa

7 : Maison de la Radio
– 18h : Paris percussion Group: Persephassa
– 20h : Percussions from Orchestre Nationale de France.
Percussion : Florent Jodelet. Harpsichord : Maude Gratton  Komboï/Pleïades

8: Radio France; Percussions: Rebonds A and B, Psappha, Okho, Persephassa

12 : Study day in tribute to Iannis Xenakis organised by le Centre d’analyse et de mathématique sociales in Paris.
It will focus on Xenakis, mathematics and informatics. All day long, there will be talks with various and qualitative guests. The study day will be in French language.
More infos (french website).

24-29: Xenakis 22: Centenary International Symposium, organized by the University of Athens, the University Paris 8 and Les Amis de Xenakis, in collaboration with ASKI, National Opera of Greece, Onassis Stegi, etc. Symposium and concerts: see official website

28-29 : Xenakis Tage Zürcich : Two Xenakis concerts in Zürich, for two days, in two different places.

28-30 : Xenakis festival X³ : Three Xenakis concerts in Berlin. Abstract ballet Kraanerg, Oresteia. More information.

29: music & maths – Xenakis 100 in Birmingan. In celebration of revolutionary composer Iannis Xenakis’s centenary, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group have created a festival for all senses, with partners from Sound and Music, University of Birmingham, and PRiSM (Royal Northern College of Music)

29: ST/48 Played in Mexico

June 2022

2-5 : Xenakis 100- Festival in Helsinki, Finland.
Pléïades, Rebonds, Zythos, Persephassa. From Thursday to Sunday.

14 : Percussion solo, Versailles, concert of percussion

18 : Festwochen Day and evening in tribute to Xenakis in Vienna. Lectures and workshop. In the evening concert with electroacoustic music by Iannis Xenakis and other musicians inspired by him

19 : Wabe – Piano recital of Xenakis in Berlin on June, 19th

21 – 2 July : Reconstitution of Polytope de Cluny, a shown son & lumière made by Xenakis in 1972-1974, reconstitued in Paris, Ircam.

July 2022

8 June – 2 July : Exhibition Xenakis in BPI, Centre Pompidou, Paris from June 8th to July 2nd.

27 au 29: Festival Messiaen concert – Hautes-Alpes

August 2022

19-20 : Festival Ravel Saint-Jean-de-Luz – Concerts and talks

26 : Xenakis concert – Xenakis concert in Tokyo

September 2022

3 : Quartet Arditti Concert Xenakis in Shizuoka, Japan – More details here

16 : Ensemble Xenakis Chambéry – More details here

16 : Gulbenkian Choir and Orchestra Concert in Lisboa –

Grande Auditorio du Centro Cultural de Belém. Concert Pedro Carneiro: Pléïades More…

18 : Choir, Percussion and Electroacoustic Music Concert in Lisboa – Infos and tickets

October 2022

7 : Day Tribute to Xenakis in the festival Haizebegi in Bayonne, France. Concert for Piano by Stephanos Thomopoulos, talk with Mâkhi Xenakis, talk with Mark Andre and Cedric Villani and more to come. Infos and tickets here.

8 : Two concerts Xenakis in London at Southbank Centre. Tickets and infos

11 : Great concerts with many pieces of Xenakis in Copenhagen  Infos et réservations

13 : Free concert with piano in Nice : Stéphanos Thomopoulos will play Xenakis. Book your ticket here.

14 : Percussion concert Xenakis at Conservatoire de Versailles with talk by Sylvio Gualda. Get your tickets here

November 2022

17 : Concert Hommage à Xenakis, Ensemble Alternance Paris
Tickets and details

18-19-20 : Xenakis x100 Festival, Berlin Tickets and details

24 : Concert “Habiter avec Xenakis” Enghien-Les-Bains
Tickets and details

27 : Dancing on Xenakis: La Légende d’Eer to accompany a choreography in Ivry, France for a festival combining butô dance and acousmatic music. Tickets and details

December 2022

2 : Second Concert Hommage à Xenakis, Ensemble Alternance Paris
Tickets and details

3 : Opening of the great exhibition”Révolutions Xenakis” in Centre d’Art Morderne Gulbenkian au Portugal – until 6th March.

2-3 : Reconstitution of Poyltope de Cluny, Lisboa
Faculté de musique de l’université de Montréal, SMCQ : weekend with symposium and concerts

10: Talk and visit in Couvent de la Tourette, Booking and tickets

June 2023

29 : After Portugal, the exhibition Révolutions Xenakis, produced by the Philharmonie de Paris is in Athens at EMST.

This exhibition, on the land of the youth of Xenakis lasted until January, 7th 2024.