December 2021

11-12: Philharmonie de Paris; week-end dedicated to the Greek revolution (1821): Tetras and works by Greek composers.

February 2022

8 : Opening of the great exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris “Révolutions Xenakis”.

The exhibition, which is intended for a wide audience and not only for specialists in contemporary music, aims to put Xenakis’ production into perspective, in his personal history as well as in his visual, literary and musical culture. It also wishes to place the composer in his time and to give an account of the political and cultural movements that have helped define him.

  • 20 musical and architectural opuses, sound installations
  • Numerous original and archival documents: photographs, models, scores and personal documents…

Curators of the exhibition: Mâkhi Xenakis & Thierry Maniguet
Scenography of the exhibition: Jean-Michel Wilmotte

Exhibition from February 8, 2022 to July 10, 2022.

March 2022

16-20: (provisional) Philharmonie de Paris; Xenakis festival

  • 17: Stefanos Thomopoulos recital: Herma, Evryali, Mists and Debussy
  • 18: Ensemble InterContemporain and CNSMP orchestra: Nomos gamma, Terretektorh
  • 19: Gmeeoorh, Nuits
  • 19: Percussions de Strasbourg: Persephassa, Pléïades

16-20: Amis de Xenakis, Université Paris 8, CNSMP, CRR 93. Symposium on Performing Xenakis

May 2022

6 : Maison de la Radio : Philharmonic Orchestra Philharmonique Radio France. Piano : Nicolas Hodges, piano. Direction : Pascal Rophé.  Kekrops/ Nekuïa

7 : Maison de la Radio
– 18h : Paris percussion Group: Persephassa
– 20h : Percussions from Orchestre Nationale de France.
Percussion : Florent Jodelet. Harpsichord : Maude Gratton  Komboï/Pleïades

8: Radio France; Percussions: Rebonds A and B, Psappha, Okho, Persephassa

24-29: Xenakis 22: Centenary International Symposium, organized by the University of Athens, the University Paris 8 and Les Amis de Xenakis, in collaboration with ASKI, National Opera of Greece, Onassis Stegi, etc. Symposium and concerts: see official website

September 2022

Grande Auditorio du Centro Cultural de Belém. Concert Pedro Carneiro: Pléïades

December 2022

Faculté de musique de l’université de Montréal, SMCQ : weekend with symposium and concerts