Symposium à Vienne du 19 au 21 mai 2022 “Xenakis: back to the roots”

Durant trois jours, le Fanny Hensel-Saal und Klangtheater de Vienne accueillera des conférences et des concerts électroacoustiques.

Programme :

May 19, 2022, Sound Theater 
3:00 p.mOpening: Nikolaus Urbanek
3:30 p.mLaura Zattra: Archives, Sources, persons and personae in the Art of Sounds of the XX-XXI century
4:30 p.mMichelle Ziegler: Lost, Uncharted, Neglected: the Sources of Early Electronic Music (Brown, Varèse, Derbyshire and Xenakis)
6:00 p.mCurtis Roads: La Legende de Xenakis
19:30 o’clockConcert: Iannis Xenakis – Complete Electroacoustic Works IDiamorphoses – sound direction: Arthur FussyConcrete PH (4 channels) – sound direction: Jan Brozca       Orient-Occident (4 channels) – sound direction: Madeleine FremuthBohor (8 channels)  sound direction: Katharina KlementHibiki Hana-Ma (8 channels) – sound direction: Christian TschinkelPolytope de Cluny (8 channels) – sound direction: Pierre Carré
May 20, 2022,
Fanny Hensel Hall
10:00 a.mElena Minetti: Synchronizing Different Temporalities: A Challenge of Writing in musique mixed from 1958 to 1960
11:00 o’clockThomas Grill: Machine based comparative studies
12:15 p.mPierre Carré / François Delecluse: Spatial treatment of sound in the Polytope of Cluny by Iannis Xenakis
3:00 p.mMarcin Pietruszewski: Experimental System as Reversed Musicology
4 p.mReinhold Friedl: Sources of Non-European Music in Xenakis’s Electroacoustic Oeuvre
17:00 o’clockMichel Chion: What should be kept? What should be discarded or erased? The choice of a musique concrete composer
sound theater 
7:00 p.mConcert: Iannis Xenakis – Complete Electroacoustic Works IIMycenae Alpha – sound direction: Angélica CastellóVoyage Absolute des Unari verse Andromède – sound direction: Elizaveta TrukhanovaS709 – sound direction: Reinhold Friedl          La Légende d’Eer (8 channels) – sound direction: Wolfgang Musil 
May 21, 2022, sound theater 
10:00 a.mJames Harley: Common Sonic Entities in the Electroacoustic and Orchestral Music of Iannis Xenakis
11:00 o’clockMarko Slavicek: Orchestrating Noise: Traces of Mycènes Alpha in Anémoéssa
12:00 o’clockPeter Nelson: The voice of the UPIC: technology as utterance
7:00 p.mConcert: Iannis Xenakis – Complete Electroacoustic Works IIITauriphany  – sound direction: Jonas Hammerer      Gendy 3 – sound direction: Anatol WetzerPersepolis (8 channels) – sound direction: Thomas Grill

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