Concerts gratuits à la Haye du 12 au 14 avril 2023

La seconde édition du festival Composing Spaces aura lieu du 12 au 14 avril 2023. Xenakis y sera joué le 14 avril.


12 April 2023, 19:30, Conservatoriumzaal

  1. Daryna Mamaisur and Anna Khvyl
    A Steppe with Rabbits and Pheasants Running Around, and Where Some Even Saw Foxes (audiovisual fixed media, 8-channel sound)   
  2. Hilde Wollenstein
    Please Stop Yelling At Me, I Don’t Know What I Want (multichannel fixed media)             
  3. Cathy van Eck
    Wings (three performers and live electronics)   
    performed by Cathy van Eck, Ioannis Michos and Danya Pilchen
  4. Giulia Francavilla
    Flow States #3 (16-channel fixed media)          
  5. Teresa Carrasco
    FLYSCH (violin, baritone sax, accordion, percussion, live electronics)                                 
    performed by Leslee Smucker, Alejandro Fenollosa, Kaat Vanhaverbeke, Rubén Castillo del Pozo and Teresa Carrasco
  6. Jonty Harrison
    Espaces cachés (16-channel fixed media)        
  7. Sonology Electroacoustic Ensemble 
    improvised music in a spatial setting                 

13 April 2023, 13:00–14:00, Conservatoriumzaal

PhD presentation by Siamak AnvariMaterialisation of fixed media music

13 April 2023, 20:00, Concertzaal Amare

Orchestra of the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague  conducted by Gregory Charette

  1. Charles Ives
    The Unanswered Question                                  
  2. Luigi Nono
    No hay caminos, hay que caminar… Andrei Tarkovskij       
  3. Charles Ives
    Central Park in the Dark                                     
  4. Edgard Varèse

14 April 2023, 13:00–17:00, New Music Lab

  1. Lecture by Margherita BrilladaWebcasting: Musing on radio spaces
  2. Lecture by Stefan WeinzierlBinaural synthesis as a tool for computer music and sound art
  3. Lecture by Teresa CarrascoShaping timbre in space
  4. Lecture by Veniero Rizzardi“Nostalgia for the future”. Form, sound, space in Luigi Nono’s late works

14 April 2023, 19:30, Conservatoriumzaal

  1. Iannis Xenakis: 
    Pléïades (percussion ensemble)                          45’
    Mélanges—Claviers—Métaux—Peauxperformed by João Brito, Porter Ellerman, Gonçalo Martins, Boldizsár Szöllősi, Te-Ping Teng and Kalina Vladovska
  2. Luigi Nono
    La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura 
    (violin, 8-channel tape and 8–10 music stands)  60’
    performed by Leslee Smucker (violin) and Veniero Rizzardi (sound projection)

12–14 April 2023, Club 4 and 6th Floor in Amare

Sound installation (Re)Sounding the Spui
composed by Danya Pilchen, Otso Aho, Ida Hirsenfelder, Gaia Heichal, Je Min Choi and Nursinem Aslan.

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