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SCHMIDT Christoph, Komposition und Spiel. Zu Iannis Xenakis, Köln, Verl. Schewe (Berliner Musik Studien Bd. 4), 1995, 288p.

Based on a Doctoral Dissertaion defended in 1993, this work examines Xenakiss pieces that use Game Theory: Duel, Stratégie and Linaia-Agon. This very detailed study includes seven chapters: 1) on the mathematics behind Game Theory; 2) an analysis of Duel; 3) an analysis of Linaia-Agon; 4) a study of the xenakian notion of "heteronomous music"; 5) an analysis of Stratégie; 6) "La composition hétéronome comme jeu" [Heteronomous composition as a game]; 7) "Les jeux musicaux comme art" [Musical games as art].

SLÁVIK Andrej, X. Tre etyder över ett tema av Iannis Xenakis (1922–2001) [X. Three études over a theme by Iannis Xenakis (1922–2001)], PhD thesis, Göteborg, Göteborg University, 2011, 321+145 p. (

SOLOMOS Makis (Gérassimos), A propos des premières œuvres (1953-69) de I. Xenakis. Pour une approche historique de l'émergence du phénomène du son, Doctoral Disseertation, Paris, Université de Paris IV, 1993, 675p.

This work is divided into three main sections. The first examines the emergence of sound in Xenakiss (as well as his contemporaries) work, all while approaching the technicalization of music and gesture. The second, based on works composed by Xenakis in the 1950-60s, examines what has become of each of the traditional dimensions of sound (pitch, rhythm, register, dynamics, space, timbre), followed by their fusion in global entities called sonorities. The author categorizes all of the works into three sonorities: "glissandi sounds", "static sounds", and "punctual sounds". The last section of this study analyzes four works in detail: Pithoprakta, Nomos alpha, Nuits and Persephassa.

SOLOMOS Makis, Iannis Xenakis, Mercuès, P. O. Editions, 1996, 176p. Nouvelle édition en ligne : 2004 :

The first section of this book studies Xenakiss evolution, which the author divides into three periods: from the works preceeding Metastaseis up to Musiques formelles, Group theory up to the aborescences, and finally, from Sieves until 1996. In the second, more theoretical section, the author offers a general approach to the "xenakian universe" through : a) a study of Xenakiss underlying vision of the world; b) the concept "sonority" ; c) the concept of "gesture" (as opposed to that of sonority).

SOLOMOS Makis, Ιαννηω Ξεναχβ. Το σύμπαν ενοβ ιδιότ που δημιουργούν [Iannis Xenakis. L’univers d’un créateur original], Athènes, Alexandreia,  2008, 399 p. Ιάννης Ξενάκης. Ο αρχικός δημιουργός του σύμπαντος

The beginning of the book repents the French book of 1996, by updating (chapters: "Epic", "Utopia", "Internalization", "World Vision", "Tone", "gesture"). Following 8 items published or unpublished, which address a variety of issues (analytical, historical, aesthetic): "Theory and Practice. Analyze Xenakis' music ',' From his bartókien project "," About last works, "" Screens Nomos Alpha and the issue of differences, "" The first electroacoustic music "," The Legend of Diatope and 'Eer "" on the other Xenakis "," Sculpting the sound. "The book concludes with a bibliography and a list of works which it is proposed to interpret their songs.

SOLOMOS Makis (éd.), Iannis Xenakis, Gérard Grisey. La métaphore lumineuse, Paris, L’Harmattan, 2003, p. 149-254.

See articles Jerome Baillet, Agostino Di Scipio, Rudolf Frisius, Carmen Pardo, Anne Sedes, Makis Solomos, George Zervos.

SOLOMOS Makis (ed.),Présences de / Presences of Iannis Xenakis, Paris, CDMC, 2001, 268p.

See Articles L. Arsenault, A. Bello, S. Bertocchi, J. Caullier, F. Delalande and E. Gayou, A. Di Scipio, E. Flint, B. Gibson, M. Guillot, J. Harley, J. L. Hervé, P. Hoffmann, M. Iliescu, A. Lai, C. Lima, R. Mandolini, P. Oswalt, C. Pardo, B. Raanan, H. Santana, E. Sikiaridi Mr. Solomos, R. Squibbs, S. Sterken. Also includes a detailed bibliography commentary written by / about Xenakis

SQUIBBS Ronald J., An analytical Approach to the Music of Iannis Xenakis : Issues in the Recent Music, Ph. D., Yale University, 1996, 211p.

This dissertation offers to: 1) classify "xenakian textures"; 2) specify structural divisions in relation to these textures as well as transformations in dynamics, density, pitch and timbre; 3) study temporal structures both in-time and outside-time; 4) indentify the general principles found in the structures of the instrumental and electronic works under discussion.

STERKEN  Sven, Iannis Xenakis, ingénieur et architecte. Une analyse thématique de l’œuvre, suivie d’un inventaire critique de la collaboration avec Le Corbusier, des projets architecturaux et des installations réalisées dans le domaine du multimédia, thèse de doctorat, Université de Gent, 2004, 559 p.

A very successful work on the architecture of Xenakis, by an author who had access to the archives when they démanagement to the National Library of France. This thesis is composed of three main parts: 1. Thematic Analysis: Workshop Le Corbusier, architecture concept "volumetric" reflection on polytopes, analysis of architecture-music relations, issue of "morphology" 2. Index critical architectures projects 3. Numerous appendices.