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Monographs - R

RAHN John (ed.), Perspectives of New Music vol. 39 n°1 : « In memoriam Xenakis », 2001 (part 1), vol. 39 n°2, 2001 (part 2), vol. 41 n°1, 2002 (part 3).

A tribute after the death of Xenakis on 3 issues: cf. Articles E. Jones, S. Kanach, R. Peck, J. Rahn, R. Reynolds, M. Solomos, R. Squibbs, S. Sterken.

RESTAGNO Enzo (ed.), Xenakis, Torino, EDT/Musica, 1988, 315p.

Contains translations and original contributions: cf. Articles Mr. Fleuret, H. Halbreich, F.B. Mash, E. Napolitano, E. Restagno and Xenakis and an interview with the composer E. Restagno. Following the catalog of works includes those composed before Metastaseis.

REVAULT D'ALLONNES Olivier, Xenakis : Les Polytopes, Paris, Balland, 1975, 135p.

An invaluable document: together sketches and photos of polytopes. Simultaneously, the author provides an aesthetic and philosophical discourse on Xenakis.

Revue Musicale n°257 : « Yannis Xenakis et la musique stochastique », 1963, 24p.

See articles by J. Barraud, Mr Philippot and A. Richard.