Monographs - M

MÂCHE François-Bernard (éd.), Portrait(s) de Iannis Xenakis, Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, 2001, 227p.

See Articles A. S. Barthel-Calvet, P. Dusapin Mr. Fleuret, A. Grumbach, H. Halbreich, P. Hoffmann, S. Kanach F.B. Mash, O. Messiaen, M. Solomos, S. Sterken, F. Xenakis, Mr. Xenakis.

MATOSSIAN Nouritza, Iannis Xenakis, Paris, Fayard, 1981, 325p.

The only biography of Xenakis, in a lively and dense style. Among other elements, the work is rich with information on the works themselves. The author was able to consult both personal documents and Xenakis himself directly. Aside from the two chapters that deal with works for theater and the Polytopes, the book follows a chronological order. Although the book was first published in 1981, it mainly deals with the 1950-60s: only the last chapter approaches the 1970s. There are twelve chapters in all: In Childhood and Resistance, Awakening in Paris, The Eruptive Unconcious, Stochastic Music, The Philips Pavilion, The Break with Le Corbusier, Formalizing Music, The Way of Truth and the Way of Seeing, Symmetry under cover, Total theatre, The Polytopes, Branching Out.

MELCHIORRE Alessandro (ed.), Iannis Xenakis. Musicista scienziato architetto, Quaderni di ricerca IRMus 2, Milan, 2006, 239 p.

Articles: T. Coduys, A. Di Scipio, L. Francesconi, E. Guagenti Grandori, F.B. Mash, A. Melchiorre, E. Napolitano, G. Manzoni, S. Moreno Soriano, A. Orcalli, G. Pope, P. Perezzani, L. Pestalozza, Q. Principle, E. Restagno, C. Roads, Mr. Solomos, I. Stoïanova).5

Musik-Konzepte n°54-55 : « Iannis Xenakis », 1987, 194p.

See Articles of P. Böttinger, R. Frisius, H. Lohner (two items) and HR Zeller and an interview of H. Lohner with Xenakis.

MusikTexte vol.13 : « Iannis Xenakis », 1986, p. 17-60.

Contains two articles by R. Frisius, written HR Zeller and translation of an article by Xenakis.

MusikTexte n°89, n°90 : « Iannis Xenakis », Köln, 2001.

A tribute after the death of Xenakis, on two numbers. Includes small text-tributes by musicians or friends Xenakis and more developed text musicologists. Articles by J. Antunes, I. Arditti, J. Chadabe, E. Chojnacka, J. Estrada, M. Etkin, O. Finnendahl I. Froundberg, P. Hoffmann, M. Iliescu, S. Kanach Jô. Kondo, F.B. Mash, R. Mandolini, G. Pope, G. Paraskevaidis, R. Platz, H. Pusher, R. Reynlds, J. A. Riedl, S. Schleiermacher, Y. Shaked, M. Solomos, S. Sterken, Y. Takahashi, D. Terzakis, o.ä. Thommessen, R. Toop, Mr. Trochimczyk, H. R. Zeller.

Muzyka vol.XLIII n°4 : « Swiat Xenakisa », Varsovie, Instytut PAN, 1998, 166p.

See the articles by B. Gibson, J. Harley, Harley M. A., P. Hoffmann, M. Iliescu, R. Squibb.