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Monographs - L

LACROIX Marie-Hortense, Pléiades de Yannis Xenakis, Paris, Michel de Maule, 2001, 106p.

A detailed analysis of the piece, including the section "Keyboard". Among other things, the author highlights the many affinities with gamelan music.

L’Arc n°51 : « Xenakis », 1972, 88p.

See articles by D. Durney, A. Droschke Mr. Fleuret, F. Genuys, H. Krellmann, F.B. Mash, L. Marin, B. Pingaud and O. Revault Allonnes and three interviews with Xenakis FB Mash, O. Revault Allonnes and F. Genuys.

LEBENS James C., An analysis of Keren for solo trombone by Iannis Xenakis: Randomly generated music within a symmetrical framework and performance considerations, Doctoral Thesis, Seattle, University of Washington.

“The purpose of this paper is to facilitate the understanding of some of Xenkis’ compositional techniques through the analysis of Keren. This analysis deliberately avoids complicated mathematical formulas […] and attempts to demonstrate stochastic compositional methods through a more straightforward musical analysis. […] The following analysis isolates many symmetrical patterns […] and demonstrates the probability theory of the ‘random walk’” (J. Lebens).