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Monographs - I

Ιαννηω Ξεναχβ. Ένα αφιέρωμα του Ενικού Μετσόβιου Πολυτεχνίου προβ έναν αποφοίτο του (Iannis Xenakis. A gift from the Ethniko Metsovio Polytechnio to one of its former students), Athens, Sugcronh Epoch 1994, 121p.

This book includes translations of texts (excerpts from Regards sur Iannis Xenakis), as well as a previously unpublished interview with Xenakis and an article by I. Papaïoannou.

ILIESCU Mihu, Musical et extramusical. Eléments de pensée spatiale dans l'uvre de Iannis Xenakis, Doctoral Dissertation, Université de Paris I, 1996, 393p.

The author poses the question of space as applicable to Xenakiss music in general. In the first part, he defines the philosophical connotations and establishes Xenakiss relationships with mythical thinking, pythagorism, Parmenides, Plato, the ancient Greek polis and Aristoxenos. Later, he concentrates on the arts/sciences alloy paradigm and subsequently studies the paradigm of complexity, chance, new orders, entropy and time, continuity and discontinuity, invariance, strange attractors, robots. Finally, in the third part, he lays the foundation for a morphological theory he suspects in Xenakiss work based on the study of masses, arborenscences and the Polytopes.