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Monographs - F

FERAPONTOVA Elena V., Iannis Xenakis. Vocal creativity (en russe), Moscou, Editiosn « Composer », Moscow, 2011. 238 p.

Book from the doctoral thesis of the author (see below).

FERAPONTOVA Elena V., Vokalnaya musuka Iannisa Xenakisa kak fenomen ego kompositorskogo tvorchestva [Iannis Xenakis's vocal music as a phenomenon of his creativity, PhD dissertation, Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, 2008), 224 p. + annexes.

The author emphasizes a special role of vocal works in the general heritage of the composer […] Chapter 1 “Line of the life”. […] Chapter 2 “Through the Avant-garde to Antiquity. Music to antique tragedies” considers the problems of an embodiment of antique plots on a modern stage in connection with Xenakis's article “Notice sur Oresteïa”. […] Chapter 3 “The avant-garde vocal on a concert stage. Choral compositions” is devoted to choral compositions for chorus with an orchestra and a cappella (E. Ferapontova).

FLEURET Maurice, Xenakis, discothèque de Paris, 1972, 63p.

Addressed to the general public, this short work evokes Xenakiss past, the links between his music and mathematics, his relationship with performers, his electronic works and the spatialization of certain works. It ends with an interview with the composer. (cf. Interviews).

FLEURET Maurice, Xenakis, Paris, Salabert, 1978, 70p.

Catalogue of works, bibliography and discography.

FLINT Ellen R., An investigation of real time as evidenced by the structural and formal multiplicities in Iannis Xenakis' Psappha, Ph. D., University of Maryland College Park, 1989, 672p. (Ann Arbor, Michigan : University Microfilms Incorporated, UMI #9012457).