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Monographs - D

DA SILVA SANTANA Helena Maria, L'orchestration chez Iannis Xenakis: l'espace et le rythme fonctions du timbre, Doctoral Dissertation, Université de Paris IV, 1998, 461p.

An important work based on specific analyses. In the second part entitled "L'espace fonction du timbre", the author analyzes aspects of Retours-Windungen, Alax, Eonta, Terretektorh, Nomos gamma, Persephassa and the Polytopes. In the third section, "Le rythme: fonction du timbre", certain aspects of Psappha, Nuits, Serment-Orkos, Sea-Nymphs, Metastaseis, Jalons and Koïranoï are analyzed. The first section presents an overview of certain general ideas concerning Xenakis.

Cf. les articles de : Carlos Agon (et Moreno Andreatta, Gérard Assayag, Stéphan Schaub), Agostino Di Scipio, Michael Hamman, Peter Hoffmann, Damian Keller (et Brian Ferneyhough), Makis Solomos.

DONTAS Nikos A. (ed), I Kathimerini, 2 février 2003 : « Iannis Xenakis », supplément du journal, Nikos A. Dontas (ed), Athènes, 31p.

Short articles (some in translation) of Nikos Dontas, Iannis Ioannidis, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf Dora Panagopoulou, Makis Solomos, Iannis Svolou Françoise Xenakis, Iannis Xenakis, Giorgos Zervos.

DOUBOV Mikhail, Iannis Xenakis – arhitektor noveyshey musuki, thèse de doctorat, Conservatoire P.I. Tchaikovskogo, 2008.

Chapter 1, “Ways of a musical composition”, outlines the basic marks of Xenakis’s creative way […]. Chapter 2, “About engineering of a composition” is devoted to studying concrete methods of Xenakis's engineering: stochastic, sieves and others. Cchapter 3, “Analytical etudes”, analyzes compositions: Jonchaies, Mists, Herma, Eonta (E. Ferapontova).