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Available CDs and DVDs

The most exciting CD collections are published by the French Company Timpani -
and the US Mode Records –
For these CDs and for others you can also consult and order from

DVD  The complete string quartets
Tetras, Tetora, ST4, Ergma
JACK Quartet
Mode Records (CD & DVD), 2009

DVD Electroacoustic music (2)
Hibiki Hana Ma, Polytope de Cluny
+ NEG-ALE, music for a film on Vasarely (1960)
Mode Records (DVD & CD), 2008

DVD Music for percussion
Psappha*, Rebonds A & B *, Omega, Kassandra
Roland Auzet, percussion, Nicolas Isherwood, bass, Ensemble Fa, Dominique My cond.
Mode Records (1 DVD* + 3 CD), 2008

Balle Music
Kraanerg, for orchestre  and tape
The Callithumpian Consort, Stephen Drury cond.
Mode Records, 2008

Works for percussion (complete)
Persephassa, Psappha, Dmaathen, Pléïades, Komboï, Kassandra, Okho, Oophaa, Rebonds
Red Blue Fish, percussion, Steven Schick cond.
Mode Records (3 CD), 2007

Chamber Music
Dmaathen, Epei, Herma, Palimpsest, Evryali
Geoffroy Douglas Madge, piano and  soloists,  Peter Eötvös and  Huub Kerstens, cond.

Works for  trombone and orchestra
Christian Lindberg, trombone, Oslo Philharmonic, Peter Rundel cond.
Bis Records, 2007

Music for celli
Octuor Conjunto Iberico
Channel Classics,  2007

Works for piano
Prodromos Symeonidis, piano
Telos, 2007

Orchestral Works (5)
Metastasis, Pithoprakta, ST 48, Achorripsis, Syrmos, Hiketides
Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, Arturo Tamayo cond.
Timpani, 2006

Choral Works (Pupils of Messiaen)
A Hélène, Nuits, Serment
Danish National Radio Choir,  Jesper Grove Jorgensen cond.
Chandos, 2006

Works for celli
Ensemble de violoncelles, Michel Pozmanter cond.
Ameson, 2006

Orchestral Music
Synaphaï, Artoura, Antikhton
Geoffrey Douglas Madge, piano, The New Philharmonia, Elgar Howarth cond.
Explore Records, 2006

DVD Electroacoustic Music (1)
La Légende d’Eer
Electroacoustic work for 7-channel tape (including a film by Bruno Rastoin and an interview of Xenakis)
Mode Records (DVD & CD), 2005

Music for strings
Syrmos, Aroura, Voile, Theraps, Analogique A+B, Ittidra
Ensemble Resonanz, Johannes Kalitzke cond.
Mode Records 2005

Works for violin
Mikka « S »
Diego Tosi, violon
Solstice, 2005

Orchestral Works (4)
Erikhton, Ata, Akrata, Krinoïdi
Hiroaki Ooï, piano, Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, Arturo Tamayo cond.
Timpani, 2004

Chamber Music
Rebonds, Akea, Epicycle
Xenakis Ensemble, Diego Masson cond.

Electroacoustic Music
Concret PH
Institute of Sonology
BVHAAST (2 CD), 2004

Works for trombone (The solitary trombone)
Christian Lindberg, trombone
Bis Records, 2002

Orchestral Works (3)
Synaphaï, Horos, Eridanos, Kyania
Hiroaki Ooï, piano, Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, Arturo Tamayo cond.
Timpani, 2002

Works for cello
Nomos Alpha
Siegfried Palm, cello
Deutsche Grammophon, 2002

Works for percussion
Jorma Panula, percussion
Bis Records, 2002

Works for saxophones
Rascher Saxophone Quartet
Bis Records, 2001

Orchestral Works (2)
Jonchaies, Shaar, Lichens, Antikhthon
Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, Arturo Tamayo cond.
Timpani, 2001

Electroacoustic works (« Xenakis, UPIC, Continuum »)
Mycènes Alpha, Polytope de Cluny
Mode Records (2 CD), 2001

Chamber Music
Tetras, Mists, Kottos, Herman, Embellie, A r, Mikka, Mikka « S », Akea, Dikhtas, Tetora, Nomos Alpha, Ikhoor, Evryali, ST/4
Claude Helffer, piano, Arditti Quartet
Naïve (2 CD), 2000

Orchestral Works (1)
Aïs, Tracées, Empreintes, Noomena, Roaï
Spyros Sakkas, baritone , Béatrice Daudin, percussion, Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra, Arturo Tamayo cond.
Timpani, 2000

Chamber and orchestral Works
Ata, N’Shima, Metastasis, Ioolkos, Charisma, Jonchaies
SWF Orchestra, Les Jeunes Solistes, Nouvel Orchestre Philharmonique, Hans Rosbaud, Michael Gielen, Gilbert Amy Kwame Ryan & Rachid Safir, cond.
Col Legno, 2000

Works for piano
Evryali, Dikhthas, Herma, Palimpsest, Six chansons, Mists, A.r.
Aki Takahashi, piano
Mode Records, 1999

Works for ensemble and orchestra
Dämmerschein, Persephassa, La Déesse Athéna (+ Varèse, Amériques)
The Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic, Juan Pablo Izquierdo cond.
Mode Records, 1998

Choral Music
A Colone, Nuits, Serment, Knephas, Medea
New London Chamber Choir, James Wood cond.
Hyperion, 1998

Music for piano (Contemporary Piano Music)
Klara Kormendi, piano
Hungaroton, 1996

Works for ensemble (2)
Echange, Okho, Xas, Akrata, (A la mémoire de Witold Lutoslawski)
ST-X Ensemble, Charles Zachary Bornstein cond.
Mode Records, 1996

Works for ensemble (1)
Plekto, Eonta, Akanthos, Rebonds, N’Shima
ST-X Ensemble, Charles Zachary Bornstein cond.
Mode Records, 1996

Œuvres pour violon et orchestre
Irvinne Arditti, violin,  Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra, Jonathan Nott cond.
Bis Records, 1996

Works for ensemble
Phlegra, Jalons, Keren, Nomos Alpha
Pierre Strauch, cello, Ensemble Intercontemporain, Michel Tabachnik and Pierre Boulez, cond.
Erato (2 CD), 1992

Works for percussion
Gert Mortensen, percussion
Bis Records, 1991

Works for percussion
Les Percussions de Strasbourg
Harmonia Mundi, 1989

Works for orchestra
Metastasis, Pithoprakta, Eonta
Ensemble Instrumental de Paris, O.R.T.F. Orchestra, Konstantin Simonovic and Maurice Le Roux, cond.
Le Chant du Monde, 1989