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Chronology: 1991 - 2001


Xenakis completes his GENDY computer program that introduces a stochastic algorithm in the sound synthesis process called "dynamic stochastic synthesis".

Xenakis is named Officer in the French Legion of Honor and Commander in the French Order of Arts and Letters.

October 6: Dox-Orkh is premièred by Irvine Arditti and the BBC Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Arturo Tamayo at the Musica Festival in Strasbourg.

November 17: Gendy3 is premièred at the Rencontres internationales de musique contemporaine in Metz (France).


March 24: Roaï is premièred in Berlin by the Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Olaf Henzold, for the fortieth jubilee anniversary of the European Association of Music Festivals.

May: Krinoïdi is premièred in Parma (Italy) by the Emilie-Romagne Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Ramon Encinar.

Xenakis is named Honoray Member of the Sainte-Cecilia Academy in Rome.

May 3: La Déesse Athéna is premièred in Athens by Spyros Sakkas and the Radiotelevision Orchestra of Athens, conducted by Michel Tabachnik.

December 5: Pu wijnuej we fyp, based on Arthur Rimbaud’s "Dormeur du val", is premièred by the Radio-France Chorus, conducted by Denis Dupays. Rimbaud’s original poem is transformed by a bi-univocal application of the alphabet.

December 14: Paille in the wind is premièred by Jacopo Scalfi and Roger Woodward at La Scala in Milan.


March 26: Troorkh, a concerto for trombone and orchestra, is premièred by Christian Lindberg and the Swedish Radio Orchestra, conducted by Esa-Pekka Salonen.

July 23: Mosaïques is premièred in Marseille (France) by the Mediterranean Youth Orchestra, conducted by Michel Tabachnik.

September 1: Les Bacchantes d’Euripide is premièred at London’s Queen Elizabeth Hall by Joe Dixon, baritone and the Premiere Ensemble of the Opera Factory, conducted by Nicholas Kork. This work will be performed nine times over the following days.

Here, we may mention other notable performances of Xenakis’s music:

October 2-4: three concerts are entirely dedicated to Xenakis at the Dresdner Tage der zeitgenössischen Musik. Works for and with harpsichord are presented as well as electroacoustic pieces.

October 11: the Polytope de Cluny is given at the Ultima Festival in Oslo. Jean-Claude Risset is the sound engineer.

October 28: a Xenakis Day is organized at the Seoul University by Yuji Takahashi.

November 9-13: in the Paris Festival d’Automne, a dance performance by the Charleroi Ballet Company, choreographed by Lucinda Childs, based on Naama, Oopha, and Psappha, played by Elizabeth Chojnacka and Sylvio Gualda. This dance performance subsequently tours: Nïmes, Cannes, Grenoble, and Amsterdam.


April 5: Zyïa is premièred at the Contemporary Music Festival in Evreux (France) by Dominique Gaucet, Cécile Daroux, Dimitri Vassiliakis, and the men’s chorus of the Jeunes Solistes, conducted by Rachid Safir.

April 24: Plekto is premièred at the Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik by the Ensemble Köln, conducted by Robert Platz.

June 9: Dämmerschein, conducted by Zoltan Pesko, with the Cologne Radio Orchestra, is premièred in Lisbon. The German and Belgian premières of this work are performed in the following days.

September 16: the BBC Singers, conducted by Simon Joly, première Sea Nymphs in London.

September 21: première in Warsaw of Mnamas Kharin Witoldowi Lutoslavskiemu (in memory of Witold Lutoslawski) by the Cracow Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Wojciech Michniewski.

December 2: première of S.709 in Paris during the "UPIC Days" organized at Radio-France.

December 17: Ergma is premièred in The Hague by the Mondrian Quartet.


February 4: a new version (by Cécile Daroux for Bb flute and amplified percussion) of Dmaathen is premièred at the Festival Présences at Radio-France by Cécile Daroux and Claire Talibart. The French première of Dämmerschein is also presented in this Festival by the Radio-France Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Elgar Howarth.

Xenakis is named Knight in the Greek Phoenix Legion and Commander in the French National Order of Merit.

November 16: Voile is premièred in the Herkulessaal in Munich by the Munich Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Christoph Poppen.


March 1: Koïranoï is premièred in Hamburg by the Norddeutscher Rundfunk Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Zoltan Pesko.

April 10: Zythos, for trombone and six percussionists, is premièred by Christian Lindberg and the Kroumata Ensemble, in Birmingham.

June 10: Kuïlenn, for nine wind instruments, is premièred in Amsterdam during the Holland Festival by the Nederlands Blazers Ensemble.

August 9:
Hunem-Iduhey is premièred in New York by Edna Michell and Ole Akahoshi during the Lincoln Center Festival of Arts.

October 4: the Arditti Quartet, Thomas Kakuska, and Valentin Erben première the string sextet Ittidra in Francfurt (Germany).

October 20: Ioolkos is premièred at the Donaueschingen Festival by the Südwestfunk Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Kwamé Ryan.

November 12: Kaï is premièred by the Oh Ton Ensemble, conducted by David Coleman, in Oldenburg.

December 6: Roscobeck is premièred in Cologne by Rohan de Saram and Stefano Scodanibbio at the Westdeutscher Rundfunk as part of the Musik der Zeit Festival.


February 4: Xenakis is awarded the Kyoto Prize in Japan.

July 23: première of Sea-Change in London by the BBC Symphonic Orchestra, conducted by Andrew Davies.

November 30: première of Xenakis’s last opus, O-mega, in Huddersfield by Evelyn Glennie (solo percussion) and the London Sinfonietta, conducted by Markus Stenz.


January - February: numerous works by Xenakis are presented in the Présences Festival at Radio-France.


January 25-30: Xenakis Days at the Marc-Bloch University and Museum of Modern Art in Strasbourg.

March: Xenakis Festival in Nicosia and Larnaka (Cyprus).

May: Xenakis Weeks in Brittany (France)


May: Music and Mathematics Days at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon. Over twenty works for orchestra by Xenakis are presented.

December 15: première of Anastenaria as a triptych (Procession vers les eaux claires, Le Sacrifice, Metastasis) in Munich, conducted by Charles Zacharie Bornstein.


February 4: Iannis Xenakis dies at home at five in the morning.

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