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Architectural realizations


Xenakis drawing of the architecture of its Diatope about 1976.


Photo installation Diatope Xenakis on the forecourt of Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, 1978.


Photo taken at the show Xenakis Legend of Eer in its Diatope in Paris, 1978. Photo © Bruno Rastoin.

Cité de la Musique de La Villette

Xenakis drawing of an experimental music room for a project with Jean-Louis Véret for Cité de la Musique de La Villette, Paris, 1984.

Polytope de Cluny

Program “Polytope de Cluny” Xenakis at the first Fall Festival, Paris, 1972.

Polytope de Cluny

Photo taken at the show Xenakis Polytope de Cluny in Paris, 1972.

Maison de la culture et de la jeunesse de Firminy

House of Culture and Youth, Firminy (performed with Le Corbusier 1956-1959): detail of “glass half-wave” designed by Xenakis. Photo © Sven Sterken.

Xenakis devant La Tourette

Xenakis in 1984 before the “glass half-wave” that he drew for Le Corbusier (1953-1959). Photo © La Tourette.

la Cité de la musique de La Villette

Model of experimental music room for Xenakis-Véret project for the Cité de la musique de La Villette, Paris, 1984. Photo © Sven Sterken.

Polytope de Montréal

Photo installing the Polytope de Montreal Xenakis in the French Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition of 1967.

Polytope de Mycènes

Photo taken at the show Xenakis: “Polytope Mycenae” in 1978.

maison de Roger et Karen Reynolds

Model of the home designed by Xenakis for Roger and Karen Reynolds, 1989. Layout and photo: Roger Reynolds.

Croquis du pavillon Philips

Sketch of the Philips Pavilion. Drawing dated by Xenakis.

Pavillon Philips

Drawing by Xenakis Philips pavilion, 1956, 1957.